The 1st Meeting of Project Steering Committe for SRI Promotion Project was held in Laos
The first meeting of steering committee for the SRI promotion project was held for one and a half day on 17th and 18th of February. From Pro-net 21, Mr. Toya, deputy representative, participated in the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Tanothai, Deputy cheif of Department of Irrigation. Participants are five steering committee members, people related to the targeted three irrigation project (Vientiane Tha Ngone irrigation project, Paklay District, Sayabouly province Houay Yang Noi Irrigated DistrictALuang Prabang Provicne, Luangprabang District, Nam Pa Irrigated areas) and representatives of beneficiaries. Besides, NAFRI(National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute) of Ministry of Agriculture and ForestryANAFES(National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Services) of the MinistryAJICA Laos Office, JICA experts, and INGO(JVC, CUSO, ADRA, World Vision) also participated in the meeting as the observers. The number of participants came to over 40 persons. In the meeting, an official of province in charge of the SRI project, representatives of SRI model farmers and those of JVC, CUSO and ADRA from INGO reported about experience of SRI.

PSC meeting is generally held for the effective implementation of the project, for example through report, sharing of information, suggestion for solving issues. However, in this PSC meeting, the range of participants was expanded, and other departments of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, INGO representatives and JICA experts were invited as the observers. It can be said that this sharing information became a landmark and very meaningful.

On the first day of the meeting, participants visited SRI exhibition field in Numthuan irrigation area and the SRI field of farmers near there. It was effective that participants could actually see the growth process of rice by SRI. In the future, Department of Irrigation will play an important role in leading SRI promotion.

This PSC meeting is described in Vientiane Times of February 18th, 2009.

ƒNumthuan irrigation project, SRI exhibition field: Main water pipe line„
ƒNumthuan irrigation project, SRI exhibition field: Present situation of growth of rice„
ƒMemorial picture of participants in front of the entrance of Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Vientiane„
ƒOpening remark of PSC meeting„
ƒNumthuan irrigation project, SRI exhibition field„ ƒSRI display room„