Minister of Agriculrure and Forestry in Laos issued an instruction regarding increase in rice production by SRI-based production promotion with support of Pro-net 21.
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Laos issued Instruction No.1145 "Regarding increase in rice production by SRI based production promotion" to each province and Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Vientiane capital.

The instruction is as follows.

In SRI projects, the SRI-based production was implemented for four seasons by Departmenrt of Irrigation with the support of Japanese NGO (Pro-net 21) and with Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Luang Prabang Province, Sayabouly Province, and Vientiane Capital as the counterparts.

As a consequence, it was made clear that SRI enables 1) increase in rice production, 2) saving seeds, 3) saving water, and 4) saving water expenses (electrisity fees). It is important to spread the new production technologies in irrigaiton areas. In the next dry season, the areas for SRI production need to be spread in irrigation areas throughout the country (120,000ha in total). In each irrigation area, WUA (Water Users Association) is to be the main implementaion organization.
Department of Irrigation is in charge of "Seed and Technical Training" for SRI promotion, and fermers are in charge of fertilizer and labor force. Department of Irrigation in each province manages and moniters the balance of water distribution irrigation between SRI and original agricultural methods in the areas.

The above ministerial instruction has been published on local paper "Lao Phatthana Daily"(dated on September 26th).