Prof. Yamaji from J-SRI visited SRI in Laos
From March 13th to 14th, Dr. Yamaji from J-SRI (Japan Association of the System of Rice Intensification) visited SRI farmers in Namxouang and Tha Ngone. Dr Yamaji stopped over in Laos to see SRI on the way to Cambodia.

SRI farmers and field that he visited are as follows.

March 13th: Namxouang Irrigation Project District(Vientiane City, Na Sai Thong District)
1. Mr. and Mrs. Boumy (Poxay Village)
2. Mr. Phokham (Hadsiao Village)
3. Mr. Siome (Phatthana Village)
4. Mr. Khampa (Phatthana Village)
5. Mr.Tingxay (Phatthana Village)

March 14th: Tha Ngone Irrigation Project Area(Vientiane City, Xaythany District)
1. Mr. Xiengngam (Oudomphone Village)
2. Ms. Vabh (Oudomphone Village)
3. Mr. Phaseud (Thasommor Village)

In terms of eight SRI farmers whom he visited this time, this dry season was the second SRI experience for Mr.Phaseud in Tha Ngone and the first for the others. Dr. Yamaji asked questions to famers in the interviews. He plans to have a presentation about Laos SRI in the next J-SRI Study Group. It is expected that many students would get interested in Laos and start studying Laos SRI through his report.

Mr. and Mrs. Boumy (Poxay Village) Mr. Phokham (HadsiaoVillage)
Mr. Siome (Phatthana Village) Mr. Khampa (Phatthana Village)
Mr.Tingxay (Phatthana Village) Mr. Xiengngam (Oudomphone Village)
Ms. Vabh (Oudomphone Village) Mr. Phaseud (ThasommorVillage)