Pro-net 21 received an award for SRI promotion from Department of Irrigation, Laos.
Department of Irrigation celebrates new year, so-called Vassi, every year before the beginning of Laotian, and then commend individuals, groups and organizations for the contribution of the activities that they conducted last year.
In this year, celebration of new year (Vassi), awarding ceremony and Rambourn dance were conducted at Department of Irrigation on April 11th.

At the awarding ceremony, Mr. Kampat (chief of Irrigation Department) gave an award to Pro-net 21 (No.0524/10/April/2009) and Mr. Shimazaki(No.0523/ 10/April/2009) for big contribution to SRI promotion, as well as the staff of Department of Irrigation for contribution of their services.
※Member of Pro-net 21

We, Pro-net 21, thank your support for this award. Furthermore, assuming that this award shows high expectation of Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and Laotian people for SRI promotion, Pro-net 21 will keep engaging in SRI promotion.