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Pro-net 21 is a NPO, where the youth with strong will to contribute to solving and alleviating various problems that people in developing countries are facing (e.g. poverty, environmental destruction, food problems) and the professionals with different specialties who wish to use their knowledge, experience and skills got together with the common aims to work on these problems.




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The activity of Pro-net 21 was featured in “JICA’s World” (January 2010) (2010.1.24)

Pro-net 21 received an award for SRI promotion from Department of Irrigation, Laos (2009.4.25)

Prof. Yamaji from J-SRI visited SRI in Laos (2009.3.19)

The 1st Meeting of Project Steering Committee was held in Laos (2009.3.1)※see right picture

Overseas' office of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry visited SRI field in Laos (2009.3.1)

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Minutes of the 5th board meeting for FY2009 were posted(2010.1.24)

Minutes of the 4th board meeting for FY2009 were posted(2009.11.15)

Minutes of the 3rd board meeting for FY2009 were posted(2009.9.13)

Minutes of the 2nd board meeting for FY2009 were posted(2009.7.23)

Minutes of the 1st board meeting for FY2009 were posted(2009.5.18)

SRI farmer, Mr. Bounm, and his rice field>





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