How to get involved in Pro-net 21

Anyone who agrees with our aims can be a member. If you agree with our aims but do not want to engage in the activities, you can also join us as a supporting member.
No admission fee
Types of membership Annual membership fee
Regular members (Individuals) 5,000 yen
Regular members (Groups) 30,000 yen
Supporting members (Individuals) 3,000 yen/ unit (more than 1 unit required)
Supporting members (Groups) 9,000 yen/ unit (more than 1 unit required)

Postal Transfer

Postal Transfer Account: 00140-5-724280

Account Name: NPO Pro-net21

Bank Transfer

Mizuho Bank, Kojimachi Branch

Bank Account: Futsu (ordinary deposit account) type): 8090684

Account Name: NPO Pro-net21

Fees collected from members are managed based on the budget approved by the annual meeting in May. We send activities reports to all members regularly.