Our activities

Resettlement projects for refugees and internally displaced people (IDP)

In South Asian countries where wars had lasted, the reconstruction and development projects of rural economy are initiated for promoting the resettlement of refugees and IDP. These projects are aimed to support the improvement of people's capabilities and the revitalization of communities by combining emergency aids and economic reconstruction. Specifically, for people to resettle, the following projects are conducted -the projects for the living environment improvement, water supply facilities and road improvement, irrigation pond rehabilitation, farmers' organization development, education and training, and income improvement. In these projects, the collaboration with NGOs and NPOs is focused on, and Pro-net 21, supporting these projects, provides technical assistance for grassroots projects.

In addition, the following is our activities conducted around the world for developing countries.

1) Rural livelihoods improvement projects

2) Farmers' income improvement projects

(Activities in Laos)
Outline of SRI planting tests in Tha Ngon Farm, Laos

Collaboration on a workshop on SRI practice in Indonesia organized by Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos.

Minister of Agriculrure and Forestry in Laos issued an instruction regarding increase in rice production by SRI-based production promotion with support of Pro-net 21.

3) Environmental preservation projects

4) Projects for human resource development in international cooperation <Click here to view our recent activities. >